Start the Year Off Right – Learn How to Change the World!


Happy New Year!

The new year is a new sunrise of hope, prosperity and happiness. It is a new beginning of stories, thoughts, and actions, and perhaps most importantly it is like a promise of a better tomorrow. The new year brings with it a surge of unbridled hope and the conviction to act on ideas to make possible a better future. With that in mind, I am really excited to share news of a massively open online course (MOOC) offered by one of my favorite online education platforms Coursera aptly titled How To Change the World!

This 6 week online course is being offered on Coursera by Michael S. Roth, President of Wesleyan University in collaboration with the Social Good Summit held in September of last year in the city of dreams – New York City. It was a 3 day conference held at the heart of global UN Week where big ideas met new media innovation in an attempt to solve the world’s most pressing problems. It was gathering of over 200 of the best minds and a thriving community of global leaders who came together to channel inspiration, out-of-the-box thinking and passion to translate ideas into  action and ultimately long-lasting real world impact. Coursera is bringing this once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone to be a part of a global movement and take concrete steps to create networks of positive change. It is a massively ambitious project that aims to provide us the pieces to initiate positive change in our communities, nations, and ultimately across the world.


Coursera is a free platform for exceptional learning at an undergraduate and graduate level, which I written about previously at length. I’ve taken 5 courses through Coursera over the past year and have enjoyed the diversely rich experience from the professor and the other students enrolled in each of my classes.  This move by Coursera is a testament to their promise of open access to high quality education and experiences as it truly leverages the power of new media technologies and social innovations. The course starts in 13 days on the 20th of January 2014 and I am eagerly looking forward to what thousands of people with a passion to create a better world can do when they put their minds together. I for one can’t wait for the class to start and dive right into an opportunity that can literally change the world and encourage everyone to spend the month and a half to join in.

I will see you in class!

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