Super Rats!


Apopo – a Belgian NGO has pioneered detection rat technology to solve pressing problems like landmine action and disease detection. Apopo works in Thailand, Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola and Cambodia where the landmine problem is a severe hurdle to the development of the community. Through their work, Apopo has detected and defused countless mines, created jobs and employment for these marginalized commuities, improved their standard of living and provided a healthy working atmosphere. In short, they have brought about real positive change through their model. Their HeroRATS are the real stars in the story as they have neutralised about 600 landmines, destroyed about destroyed about a thousand bombs in Thailand alone.

Additionally they even work with hospitals for early detection of life threatening diseases like tuberculosis.

One rat can evaluate more samples of sputum (for detecing tuberculosis) in 10 minutes than a human lab technician can in a day.

Why Rats? Because they are awesome! They have an exceptional sense of smell, intelligible and easily trained, too light to set off mines and locally sourced and widely available and more.

So with a little bit of intelligence, creativity, technology and hard work, any one can save the world – now that is inspiring!


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