Shifting the Power – The Barefoot College

Since 1991, 91 million liters of freshwater has been harvested. At Barefoot College we teach rainwater harvesting the way it has been done for 100 years


The Barefoot College is a pioneering model of a educational and vocational institution that has been providing basic services and solutions to problems in India’s rural communities for more than 40 years. Using indigenous local knowledge and the marvels of modern technology (insofar that it benefits the poor) to develop sustainable solutions, the Barefoot College shows us that the people on the ground, the 4 billion at the bottom of the pyramid have all the solutions.

From rainwater harvesting to solar engineering the Barefoot Collge is the first institution where you don’t need a certificate or degree to enrol. It works with the poor, for the poor, to uplift the poor. Its work is centered around providing indigenous, geniusly crafted real-world solutions to the problems that affect marginalized populations in villages around the world. Challenging all norms, the Barefoot College successfully teaches and trains Barefoot Professionals without a single written word.

Be sure to listen to this awe-inspiring TED talk by the founder of the Barefoot Movement – Bunker Roy.

The  impact is apparent and speaks for itself. For showing us what is possible when the conversation and power is shifted from the privileged to the marginalized- the Barefoot movement gives us goosebumps.


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