Design for Change Pakistan

dfc1Design for Change Pakistan (DFC Pakistan) is part of a global movement to engage children in actively identifying and implementing solutions to social problems. Design for Change is giving children across the world and all over Pakistan a simple four step challenge: Feel, Imagine, Do and Share. By giving children the opportunity to design solutions to the world’s greatest problems faced by the world they are growing up in, DFC Pakistan will enable children to ‘be the change’. This historic initiative is targeting students of Classes 3 through 8.

The Design for Change movement has a simple premise: it challenges children to select a problem that is important to them, envision all the possible solutions that they can to solve that problem, select one of those solutions and implement it in real life for one week, change thousands of live in the process and share their impact stories with the world.

Listen to what the founder of this movement has to say:

This one is super close to my heart since I was part of the founding team of six who launched  the initiative in Pakistan. We ran the initiative for 2 consecutive years and here are two videos that recount our efforts. The first one: an invitation to the dream to take change in their own hands and create a better tomorrow

and the second: showcasing the impact we had that first year.

Be sure to watch both and be inspired by the children of Pakistan and the world! The Design for Change movement is growing stronger and larger every year. Follow the global movement and be inspired by the young change-makers of today.


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